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Leonardo Di Clemente has cooked in the world's finest restaurants and thanks to his cullinary experience, CottoCrudo Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Prague now also belongs to the Michellin Guide this year. This is also why this cooking class will be absolutely exceptional. It will be playful, but very sophisticated, will show you how to combine new tastes and create completely original menu. Enrich your culinary experience with fantastic gourmet fantasies and let you to sneak up to a truly high gastronomy appreciated by experts. Come to cook, taste and melt with pleasure from every single meal on this menu! This cooking class is in ENGLISH only.
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  • Stuffed quail salad with black truffle emulsion
  • Porcini mushroom cappuccino
  • Roasted venison with cinnamon glazed apple
  • Chanterelle mushrooms and chestnut ragout
  • Chestnut Mont Blanc

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